Markets we serve

  • DC compute and storage
  • DC networking
  • Edge compute
  • DC infrastructure
We’re certified to the ISO 9000 family of standards for quality management.
We’re supporting the Linux Foundation’s Akraino open source software project.
We’re a founding member of the Open19 Foundation.
We’re a platinum member and contributor to the Open Compute Project.
We’re working with TIA to develop industry standards for a wide variety of information and communication technologies.
We’re partnering with TIP for engineering-focused development of new telecom network infrastructure technologies.
9 data center trends
9 data center trends
These trends will help prepare your organization for a future that is all about fast, reliable data storage and access.
Strategies for cloud deployment
Strategies for cloud deployment
We partnered with IHS Markit to talk about how to deploy cloud data centers in a changing world.
Effective, scalable cloud infrastructure
Effective, scalable cloud infrastructure
How to digitally transform your business with cloud technologies and choose the right solution for you.  

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