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Discovery is the gateway to imagination and innovation. Our Customer Experience and Design & Innovation Centers will immerse you in a world of possibilities and explore how we can help you make them a reality. In these centers, we showcase the full span of our Sketch-to-Scale? capabilities – design, develop, deliver and manage. We foster innovation through collaboration while protecting your intellectual property, so your team can create the products of tomorrow, today.

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Flex provides the local expertise and global breadth of capabilities you need to mitigate risk and drive innovation when launching your product.


  • Experienced design and engineering teams to complement and accelerate your product development needs

  • State-of-the-art facilities and equipment to support design through prototyping and final production builds

  • Access to new, qualified technologies to mitigate risk

Flex offers expertise across industries?and emerging technologies.


  • New product introduction from trial short-run production to high-volume manufacturing

  • Manufacturing process innovation, testing and automation

  • Quality standards compliance to enable entry in specialized markets

Flex offers supply chain design and logistics services to optimize movement of material and finished goods


  • Supply chain design and logistics services to optimize movement of material and finished goods

  • Real-time insights to uncover and enter new markets for your product globally